Kang Chul-Soo is an enthusiastic fireman. Han Jin-A who is desperate to find the case of arson and murder that happened 10 years ago (In which her parents are victims). So, she gets treatment to remember her lost memory where she remembers a mark on the backside part of the body. In order to catch the culprit she announces that she want a nude poser for her drawing. Kang Chul-Soo approaches to Han Jin-A because he wants to save his sick friend.  Chul-Soo who gives his friend identity ( Oh Sung-Jin )because he is a government employee, gets  selected as he has the mark on his back. Jin-A thinks that Chul-Soo was the culprit and gives his information(here details belongs to Oh Sung-Jin) to Kwon Jung Nam (policeman whom Jin-A trusts). Kwon Jung Nam plots a plan to accuse Chul-Soo by keeping the knife in Chul-soo’s bag. In the last it is found out that the policeman killed his parents as his ego gets hurt (when Jin-A father says the portrait brought by Jung Nam was fake). In the end Chul-Soo and Jin-A gets into relationship.

Episodes: 4

Cast:  Lee Joon-Hyuk as Kang Chul-soo  , Jung In-Sun as Han Jin-A, Park-Hoon as Oh Sung-Jin, Joo Hee-Bong as Kwon Jung nam


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