I don’t understand why there is a lot of hate for this drama. I do agree the drama is a bit slow but the story is quite unique and refreshing with some twists. The introduction of Hong Na Ri is pretty awesome. She is a flight attendant, who is independent and hard-working. Na Ri’s handling of her tough-life after her mother’s death (3 years ago) is admirable.


She is in relationship with Jo Dong Jin for many years.However Dong Jin cheats on her with her junior Do Yeo Joo (selfish and pitiful woman). Na Ri after knowing the relationship of her boyfriend with her junior, she digests the truth and moves on.

When Na Ri returns to her mother’s house then she finds out a stranger living in her house. The young person introduces himself as Go Nam Gil and tells that he is her stepfather as he married to her mother (before her death). Nan Gil now owns Na Ri’s mother’s house and her dumpling restaurant.


Na Ri decides to stay back and wanted to know the truth of Nam Gil. Neither she is completely trust him nor doubt him.During her stay she gets to know about Kwon Deuk-bong (had crush on Na Ri) who wants to take the ownership of lands around Hong Dumplings as he wanted to turn it into a holiday resort and a debt holder.


In the process of knowing about Nan Gil she fall in love with him.She gets to know that during her childhood her mother was close to Nan Gil (abandoned child who receives love from Na Ri’s mother) and the reason why he married her mother ( in-order to save the land from debt holders). At last with her confidence of tackling the enemy and wins back her love by removing the Nan Gil’s name from family registry.


Cast :  Soo Ae as Hong Na Ri, Kim Young-Kwang as Go Nan Gil, Lee Soo-hyuk as Kwon Deuk-Bong, Jo Bo-Ah as Do Yeo-Joo, Kim Ji-Hoon as Jo Dong Jin

Rating : 3.5 / 5

Episodes : 16


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