I was very happy to see some of my favorite actors sharing the screen.It is a bit confusing but can give a try Min Soo Jin’s 25th birthday and as usually she is spending it alone without boyfriend. Choi Ji Woo(Angel) asks for directions and leaves her coffee cup and a book. Soo Jin returns the book to Ji Woo. In order to thank her, Ji Woo asks if she has a wish. However, she understands Soo Jins’s problem and gives her 6 cards and tells that she will meet a great guy in 10 seconds. From there on-wards she meets awesome guys

The first story begins with Lee Joon Gi (childhood love). He asks Soo Jin for a date on her birthday. They both have dinner together and then Joon Gi plays a slide show of her pictures.

Here comes the Park Hae Jin(Boss). He takes Soo Jin’s phone as they are not allowed to use there personal phones during working hours and orders her to come to his office at the end of her shift. Later, she have some dinner with Hae Jin. He saves Soo Jin from a stalker who was taking pictures of Soo Jin.

Min Soo Jin and Ji Chang Wook are secret agents(both worked together). She holds USB flash drive for Chang Wook. Here Soo Jin does a lot of amazing solid kicks to bad guys who rounded them.

Kai’s date with Soo Jin is cool and fun. Soo Jin is a Chinese teacher to Kai. They go for shpping, run in the rain together, eat burger and enjoy dancing.

Ok Taecyeon(Rich person) showers Soo Jin with a lot of gifts. She is on cloud nine.He loves her but his mother doesnot approve. Taecyeon calls a press conference and tells everyone that she is everything to him.

Soo Jin dreams of shooting a commercial advertisement with Lee Jong Suk. Soo Jin was struggling to act natural in-front of camera.Jong Suk had a private conversation with her. After their discussion, Soo Jin is able to act natural in-front of camera.

Min Soo Jin is thrilled when Lee Min Ho(travel writter) shows up at the help desk. It was awkward situation when Soo Jin thinks that it was another dream date and talks with him as if she knows him. At last, Min Ho hands her a card and says she dropped it. It ends with the two of them smiling each other.

Cast: Lee Cho-Hee as Min Soo Jin, Choi Ji Woo as Angel, Lee Joon Gi as Lee Joon Gi, Park Hae Jin as Park Hae Jin, Ji Chang Wook as Ji Chang Wook, Kai as Kai, Ok Taecyeon as Ok Taecyeon, Lee Jong Suk as Lee Jong Suk, Lee Min Ho as Lee Min Ho

Episodes: 8

Rating: 2.5/5


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