Queen For Seven Days

If you are a lover of historical drama I am pretty sure you would love this drama. It is a mixture of family rivalries, revenge, obsessive love, star crossed lovers. This story is inspired by the true story of Queen Dangyeong, from the title itself it is given a hint as she was Queen for only a week. The show starts by glimpsing into the future, where she tries to kill her lover, the king(Yeok) but she can’t.

Next, we actually go all the way back to childhood characters. Shin Chae Gyung is a spirited woman who won’t hesitate to get involved when she sees injustice. Lee Yoong Becomes the king after the death of his father(Seongjong). Lee Yeok is the half-brother of the king. He has to live his life trying not to cause any trouble for his elder brother(king) and tries to convince him that he doesn’t want his throne.But the king never fully trusts him. In the mean while Yeok mom Sets a marriage proposal with Shin Chae Gyung Family. Yeok and Shin becomes close with each other. Unfortunately, Yeok and Shin gets involved in a situation where the king gets angry and sends Yeok out of the palace. While he pass some distance some people attack Yeok and Yeok thinks that his brother was trying to kill him.

All think that Yeok was dead except Shin as she was full of hopefulness.As the king was unhappy and living his life in fear, he finds a sort of peace with Shin. She becomes king’s best friend. Yeok enters in to the town with a mission(dethrone his brother). Shin will see him and asks him whether he is Yeok but he disagrees with her and leaves her in an awkward position even though he loves her.Shin also genuinely  loves Yeok yet wants the king not to doubt on his brother. Her soft spot for the king put both her and Yeok in danger situations many times.

King gets to know that his brother Yeok has returned and planning to dethrone. So, yoong wanted to kill his brother whenever he gets chance. In this process he even Chae Gyung as bait to find Yeok. Every time Yeok saves Shin.

Atlast Yeok marries his lover(Shin) and also gains power though the support of his followers. By this he finally dethrones his brother as he is responsible for bloody purges of scholars who opposed him. After the dethronement of his brother Yeok takes the power. In the dethronement process shin’s father who is the brother-in-law of yoong opposes it. So, they were brutally killed. Shin finds her father and mother lying in pools of blood. So, she gets dressed in her royal robes and approches the king and tried to kill Yeok but he clenches her arm and pulled away, looking heartbroken, Chae Gyung says “I shall have killed you”. Later followers of Yeok tries to dethrone Shin.

Shin asks Yeok divorce because she doesn’t want Yeok followers to oppose him. Yeok cries a lot and asks her not to leave him but she says ” Perhaps the biggest consolation we can give to each another is staying alive”. After some days Yeok goes to see Shin But she refuses to see him even though she loves him. They both choose an unconventional way to show their love due to the situations.

After 38 years when Yeok is sick an elderly women enters the palace it is our Shin Chae Gyung, still wearing her wedding ring.                                         Queen for seven days 12

Cast: Park Min Young as Shin Chae Gyung, Park Si-eun as young Shin Chae Gyung, Yeon Woo Jin as Lee Yeok, Baek Seung Hwan as young Lee Yeok, Lee Dong Gun as Lee Yoong, Ahn Do Gyu as young Lee Yoong.

Episodes: 20

Rating: 4.3/5


The Miracle

The Miracle is a sweet and refreshing drama. One thing in this drama really attracts you is ‘The physical appearance alone doesn’t  define you’. Kwon Shi Yeon and Kwon Shi Ah are fraternal twin sisters. They are totally opposite in their appearance. Shi Yeon is almost double the size of shi Ah. She has a good singing skills but due to her size she gets rejected. Shi Yeon has always been ridiculed and bullied in school for her size. Because of this, she has become a recluse, who prefers to stay at home and she started producing an internet broadcast without showing her face. Kwon Shi Ah is the beautiful sister, gorgeous in every way and a member of the popular girl group known as Miracle Girls. Since she was in preschool, Shi Ah has worked as a model and then a teen actress before becoming an idol.

One day Shi Yeon dog (Doong) disappears from house. So, in order to find her dong Shi Yeon starts searching.After a period of time she finds Doong and beside it a lady is laying on the ground. Shi Yeon helps that lady and later she finds out that lady is a mysterious tarot card reader. That lady finds out Shi Yeon is sad and she helps Yeon.

The lives of the twin sisters are turned upside down when they wake up one day and realize that their souls have switched bodies. Shi Yeon understands and take shi Ah also to the tarot lady but get to know that the lady is on vacation and will be back in 30 days. These two sisters think for a while and accepts to manage for 30 days. In this span of time they tried to understand each other.

the miracle5

Ban Hae Sung (singer) fall in love with Shi Yeon and Shi Yeon’s high school crush likes Shi Ah as the main leads think of the women they thought they knew.Later Shi Yeon realizes that Ban Hae Sung is in love with the body of Shi Ah. So, she gets disappointed and wants to return to her original body. After returning to their original bodies shi Ah break-up  with Hae Sung and Shi Yeon rejects Han Gyo Seok.

After some days passed Ban Hae Sung wants to find a musical partner for his concert. So, Shi Yeon applies for musical audition and gets selected by Hae Sung.

the miracle 8


Cast: Hong Yoon Hwa as Kwon Shi Yeon, Kim Na Hyun as Kwon Shi Ah, Yang Hak Jin as Han Gyo Seok, Kim Dong Hyun as Ban Hae Sung

Episodes: 12

Rating: 2.9/5


Fight For My Way

“Fight For my way” is a mixture of workplace, slice of life and romance. The two themes which we all get attracted in this drama is love and chasing dream. ko Dong Man, Choi Ae Ra and Back Seol Hee are best friends from childhood. Choi Ae Ra appears with a microphone and encourages Ko Dong Man (Taekwondo athlete) whenever there is a match. One day Dong Man gives up on national team selection because Kim Tak Su offers money for his younger sister’s surgery.

Dong Man introduces  Seoul Hee to his best friend Joo Man. When they grow up they 4 began to live in the same surrounding. Ae Ra wants to become an announcer but works at the information desk of a department store. Dong Man works in a pest control company. Seol Hee dream is to become a good housewife and now working in a call center and Joo Man wants to become a manager in the home shopping where he is presently working.

Seol Hee and Joo Man are in relationship for 6-years but they hide the truth in the company.Ae Ra has some failed relationships. One day Ae Ra decides to chase her dream because of the one incident happened in her company. By seeing Ae Ra’s dedication Dong Man wants to give a try on his UFL championship. Slowly the romance starts between Ae Ra and Dong Man.

After days passed both the couple break up. Seol Hee starts a small business of plum wine with passion. Ae Ra becomes a MMA ring announcer and wants to be on the ring for Dong Man’s match. Mean-while Dong Man is seriously preparing for his revenge match on Kim Tak su and Joo Man becomes depressed with the  break-up of Seol Hee. During this time Dong Man becomes close to his father and Ae Ra gets to know about her mother.

On the day of match Tak su does a cheating kick-shot where Dong Man has a loss of his hearing skill. After some days he regains his hearing sense. Ae Ra asks him to choose between her and the championship.

Dong Man chooses her, but continues training and planned to tell her after the wedding(if he gets caught). Even the disputes between Seol Hee and Joo man are resolved.

                                        fight for my way 11

Cast: Park Seo Joon as Ko Dong Man, Kim Ji Won as Choi Ae Ra, Ahn Jae Hong as Joo man, Song Ha Yoon as Baek Seol Hee, Kim Kun Woo as Kim Tak Su

Episodes: 16

Rating: 4.8/5



The drama is a combination of romance and fantasy and some scenes reminds you of rooftop prince drama. It starts with introduction of characters in 1979, it shows the view of life at that time, with the men having long hair and the women who are wearing short skirts are being chased by the police.

Go man -soo ,who is living in 1979, working as a painter for film posters. he is in love with Yoo Shin-young and plans to propose her.


But on the night of proposal, Man-soo gets frozen. He awakens in December 2016(after 37 years) with the help of Jang Ha-Da. Ha-Da helps Man-soo alot as he is from past who has no idea of modern world. Man-soo finds Yoo shin-young has waited for him and later married. He later thinks why he defreezed and starts liking Ha-Da.

This drama left few questions.Why Man-Soo frozen for so many years and why he has to meet a girl after 37 years for whom his heart never pounded in the past? The ending is inappropriate.

Cast: Kim Jung-Hyun as Ko Man-Soo, Han Sun-Hwa as Jang Ha-Da, Cha Joo-Young as Yoo Shin-Young

Episodes: 2

Rating: 2.5/5

Suspicious Partner

This drama soared up how the romance inevitably happened between a man and a woman, who found themselves trusting each other but this drama lacks sleek writing.It is easy to read what will happen next. Eun Bong Hee(Nam Ji-Hyun) is a judicial apprentice at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. One day, on subway she meets handsome, hard-working and intelligent No Ji Wook(Ji Chang Wook). She falsely accuses Ji-Wook of getting hands on her. Feeling upset about the whole situation, Ji-Wook heads to a restaurant where he unfortunately bumps into her again. Sitting at a nearby table, he overhears Bong-Hee arguing with her boyfriend Hee-Joon(Chansung) who is cheating on her. This reminds Ji-Wook of his ex-girlfriend that betrayed him because he understands and can relate to her situation, he decides to help her and they end up leaving the restaurant together.

                                    suspicious patner 1

After sharing few drinks at a bar, Bong Hee wakes up the next morning in Ji-Wook’s house, unable to remember memories of last night, which freaks her out and without saying a word she leaves the house.

                                   SuspiciousPartner 4

3 months later Bong-Hee heads to her new job, where she is surprised to discover that Ji-Wook is prosecutor and actually her mentor and boss. She works hard there. While working she sees many different side of his personality. She discovers that he is not only a cold-person, but also sweet and sensitive. One-day, she runs into Hee- joon(ex-boyfriend) and tells him to take his things from her apartment. Later that night, she goes to a nearby convenience store and when she returns to her apartment, she finds Hee-Joon stabbed to death.

                                  SuspiciousPartner 5.jpg

Bong-Hee is arrested for his murder and Ji-Wook becomes the prosecutor  in her murder case.Even though he has heavy pressure from Hee-Joon father( chief of District prosecutor’s office). Ji-Wook finds evidences to prove Bong-Hee’s innonce and sets her free. Due to this incident, Ji-Wook quits his job as a prosecutor and becomes a lawyer.

                             suspicious patner 2

Bong-Hee attempts to find the person who murdered her ex-boyfriend. Later, Bong-Hee and Ji-Wook work together on a mysterious case involving a sly psycopath murders. During this period their relationship gets bloomed.

                          suspicious patner 3

Cast: Ji Chang Wook as Noh Ji-wook, Nam Ji-Hyun as Eun Bong-hee, Chansung as Hee-Joon, Choi Tae-joon as Ji Eun-hyuk

Episodes: 40

Rating: 3.2/5



Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This drama is a mixture of fantasy, Thriller, Action and romantic-comedy. The chemistry between the two leads is very interesting. As-usual I felt bad for the second hero. Do Bong-soon was born with superhuman strength. Her strength is hereditary and passed only to the women in her family and her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character.

Bong-soon has a forever crush on Gook Doo, her beloved guy friend from childhood. In Gook Doo is a police-man. Sadly, he likes elegant, overly feminine girls. Because of this reason she wants to become a willowy and elegant woman, which is the ideal type of her crush.

One day, Bong-soon helps out a bus driver who is being attacked by a thug. Soon, a small gang of thugs attack Bong-soon, with her power she could easily defeat them. During this time, Min-Hyuk sees the scene of Bong-soon beating up the mob.

Min-Hyuk is an odd man who is playful, little spoiled has no regard for rules and he dislikes policemen. He is a second-generation chaebol and CEO of a gaming company, Ainsoft. He is being threatened by an unknown enemy and he is determined to solve the problem by himself out of his distrust of the police. Finally with her strength she gets hired as the bodyguard of Min-Hyuk. Besides offering bong-soon high pay, he even offers her the chance of working in the planning department of his gaming company if she does well.

Meanwhile, a series of kidnappings occur in Bong soon’s small,quiet neighborhood Dobong-dong, their little community is thrown into chaos. Beside, protecting her boss life, she wanted to catch the culprit after her friend was targeted. Under the help and training from Min-Hyuk, she manages to control her strength because if she misuses her strength, she could lose the power. Meanwhile, Min-Hyuk wins the heart of Bong-soon. Finally, She catches the kidnapper and saves her friend and other women. From that moment she uses her strength to punish bad people.

The ending is awesome as she gets married to Min-hyuk and gives birth to two girls from there on-wards Min-Hyuk gets into trouble as the woman in the family flows with superhuman strength.

CAST : Park Bo Young as Do Bong-soon, Park Hyung-Sik as Min-Hyuk, Ji-Soo as In Gook Do.


RATING : 4.9/5

Seven First Kisses

I was very happy to see some of my favorite actors sharing the screen.It is a bit confusing but can give a try Min Soo Jin’s 25th birthday and as usually she is spending it alone without boyfriend. Choi Ji Woo(Angel) asks for directions and leaves her coffee cup and a book. Soo Jin returns the book to Ji Woo. In order to thank her, Ji Woo asks if she has a wish. However, she understands Soo Jins’s problem and gives her 6 cards and tells that she will meet a great guy in 10 seconds. From there on-wards she meets awesome guys

The first story begins with Lee Joon Gi (childhood love). He asks Soo Jin for a date on her birthday. They both have dinner together and then Joon Gi plays a slide show of her pictures.

Here comes the Park Hae Jin(Boss). He takes Soo Jin’s phone as they are not allowed to use there personal phones during working hours and orders her to come to his office at the end of her shift. Later, she have some dinner with Hae Jin. He saves Soo Jin from a stalker who was taking pictures of Soo Jin.

Min Soo Jin and Ji Chang Wook are secret agents(both worked together). She holds USB flash drive for Chang Wook. Here Soo Jin does a lot of amazing solid kicks to bad guys who rounded them.

Kai’s date with Soo Jin is cool and fun. Soo Jin is a Chinese teacher to Kai. They go for shpping, run in the rain together, eat burger and enjoy dancing.

Ok Taecyeon(Rich person) showers Soo Jin with a lot of gifts. She is on cloud nine.He loves her but his mother doesnot approve. Taecyeon calls a press conference and tells everyone that she is everything to him.

Soo Jin dreams of shooting a commercial advertisement with Lee Jong Suk. Soo Jin was struggling to act natural in-front of camera.Jong Suk had a private conversation with her. After their discussion, Soo Jin is able to act natural in-front of camera.

Min Soo Jin is thrilled when Lee Min Ho(travel writter) shows up at the help desk. It was awkward situation when Soo Jin thinks that it was another dream date and talks with him as if she knows him. At last, Min Ho hands her a card and says she dropped it. It ends with the two of them smiling each other.

Cast: Lee Cho-Hee as Min Soo Jin, Choi Ji Woo as Angel, Lee Joon Gi as Lee Joon Gi, Park Hae Jin as Park Hae Jin, Ji Chang Wook as Ji Chang Wook, Kai as Kai, Ok Taecyeon as Ok Taecyeon, Lee Jong Suk as Lee Jong Suk, Lee Min Ho as Lee Min Ho

Episodes: 8

Rating: 2.5/5